Virgin Voyages, the new cruise ship business from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, has made a commitment to make its fleet one of the cleanest and most efficient at sea.

As part of TMC’s Smart Air month, we have explained what Smart Air is and the importance of good air quality, plus how you can save money through choosing the

Find out how much money you can save through choosing the right compressed air system on board your vessel. As part of TMC’s Smart Air month, we have already explained

November is Smart Air month. In this article we will explain what Smart Air is. The basic principle of Smart Air is that investing in green technology not only leads

  “Global warming is a problem that everyone needs to help address. Shipowners, yards, management companies, cargo owners, and ship equipment suppliers – we all have a joint responsibility for

TMC provides compressed air to offshore and shipping companies all over the world. To celebrate our new marine compressor stocking programme for quick and easy retrofit of new marine air compressors, we

Can you retrofit your vessel with oil-lubricated compressors when you require oil-free air on board? Yes, you can.  That is exactly what Middle East-based gas shipping company did when it

When tanker operator Euronav required more deck air to its VLCC Alsace, TMC Compressors delivered the goods in 24 hours.  “We received an order from Euronav to our Oslo HQ

“I’m never gonna stop music, it’s like air to me”, American rap artist and music producer Dr. Dre once said. For TMC, the sound of air is like music. That’s

2 August 2017 – TMC Compressors (TMC) has won a contract from AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding Co., Ltd to supply environmentally friendly marine compressed air systems to two chemical tankers the