TMC Spare Parts & Service
Planned maintenance and professional service support will reduce the life cycle cost of your compressor. Using TMC’s highly qualified service team to assist you during the lifetime of your compressors ensures optimal operation of your compressed air system.
TMC’s original spare parts are manufactured to meet the highest standards and gives lower running costs and peace of mind at sea.

We are there when you need us!

As the compressor installations are getting bigger, the need for professional service and support is more important than ever. Planned maintenance and professional service support will enable you to reduce the life cycle cost of your compressor. Our job is to provide the routines and tools to lower the life cycle costs of your compressed air installations.


How to reach us


Service assistance:

Warranty inquiries:

24 hour emergency support: +47 992 17 020


TMC Compressors Asia Pte Ltd

Tel: +65 6659 0987


The key to trouble-free operation is correct installation and commissioning

Setting up the compressor correctly in accordance with its application onboar is crucial for safe and efficient operation and also ensures your warranty rights. We can assist you to ensure that the setup is correct.


Choose original TMC spare parts for safety at sea

Considering the high temperature, high pressure and extreme conditions at work in a compressor onboard a ship or offshore installation, every detail counts.

This is why TMC pays attention to every detail of our spare parts. Factors such as glue types, coatings, filter walls, metal type, etc. may seem insiginificant, but are crucial for reliable and safe operation of your compressors. Original parts mean lower running costs as well as peace of mind at sea.

Our profile makes TMC parts easy to recognize. The distinctive TMC packaging gives you the assurance that you have received top-quality original parts based on our specifications and our unrivalled experience in marine screw compressors.

The TMC warranty is valid only if original TMC parts are used. The use of non-original spare parts jeopardizes your warranty rights


Spare part kits

We have assembled complete spare part kits containing all parts that should be replaced after a certain number of running hours/years. In addition to providing the kits, we help you keep track of when each component should be serviced.

Why buy spare part kits?

  • Time saved on ordering, checking, storing and locating correct parts
  • All necessary parts – and no unnecessary parts
  • Original TMC marine spare parts for no-risk operation
  • No unscheduled stops due to missing parts
  • Simplifies planning of preventive service to avoid down-time
  • Instructions for changing the parts included in the kits

All of this adds up to lower life-cycle costs!

Service engineers available 24/7

TMC's service team should be one of the important factors for you when choosing to invest in a TMC compressor.

Our engineers know the demanding conditions onboard ships and are ready to jump on the next plane to assist your crew.

Our experiences service engineers are on call 24/7 via telephone, e-mail or on-site, and we have a guaranteed response time of 3 working hours.