50% better energy saving

The best way to reduce CO2 emissions is to reduce energy consumption. TMC’s Smart Air compressors runs with a technology that offers precise control of the compressor speed. Simply explained: the speed of the electrical motor will adjust itself according to what is required to produce the exact air volume necessary  to meet the actual compressed air consumption at all time. In turn, lower air consumption requires less speed on the compressor and this directly results in less power consumption.

Studies have shown that the average consumption of compressed air is 35-60 % of the total installed air compressors capacity. This means that a lot of energy goes to waste.

“Our Smart Air compressors eliminates energy waste. Reducing energy waste with up to 50% represents an equivalent reduction of harmful emissions to air, including CO2. This is positive for the environment – and your wallet,” adds Kjellin.

For example, by changing to TMC Smart Air compressors on-board an LNG fleet with 18 vessels, emissions would be reduced by 1,710 tons of CO2 in one year. Cost reductions because of energy savings come in addition to this .