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TMC Compressors

We have worked closely with our customers to develop the TMC marine compressors to ensure that functionality and design is optimal for installation and use onboard ships and offshore installations.

Shipbuilders appreciate the compact design of a TMC marine compressor because it saves time and installation costs, and make the most of vuluable space on board.

Shipowners like the performance, the easy maintenance and the low life-cycle costs.


TMC Smart Air Compressors

TMC Smart Air compressors utilize the latest energy saving technology. This means you can save up to 50% of your energy costs and help your ship become green!


TMC Offshore and Topside Compressors

TMC’s Custom Engineered Compressors for offshore and topside installations have a capacity range of 10-55 m3/min and are approved for non-hazardous zone and EX zone 1 and 2 installations.


TMC Spare Parts & Service

Using TMC’s service team to assist you ensures optimal operation of your compressed air system. TMC’s original spare parts gives lower running costs and peace of mind at sea.