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Certification – Quality, health, safety and the environment

TMC is certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001, the environmental standard ISO 14001 and HSE standard OHSAS 18001. We place high demands on ourselves and work continuously to improve our internal processes, our work within health, environment and safety and our adverse effect on the external environment. We require that our key suppliers are equally dedicated in these issues.



As being an ISO 14001:2015 certified company, sustainable business focus is integrated in TMC. Not only in regards of our own operation, but also by providing our customers with better sustainable solutions through our energy-efficient delivery program. This is the core of our environmental policy.

Our operation may be small, but the use of our products offers a substantial potential of reducing environmental impact. Our environmental plan and goals focus on how our products can help our customers to reach their environmental goals, by reducing their energy consumption, and thereby reducing their bunker consumption and emissions.

The energy-saving, award-winning TMC Smart Air® series of cost-effective marine compressors reduce energy consumption by at least 40% and significantly reduce energy costs and harmful emissions. Our products are to be among the best of their kind and we continue to further enhance and develop better solutions, providing energy-saving solutions and a minimum of pollution and waste during our products’ life cycle.

As a relatively small company, we believe every effort counts. It's a growing concern how plastic and waste pollutes the world's oceans. As a supplier to the maritime industry, we are dedicated to reduce our plastic consumption and use environmental friendly packing. In 2017, we managed to reduce our plastic consumption by 17 000 plastic bags! And we are not done.  Imagine what a large company can achieve…



TMC follows ISO 9001:2015 as a guideline to improved quality assurance. The standard's requirements are incorporated in the company's procedures and in all activities that influences our ability to deliver products and services of high quality, and to meet and exceed our customer's expectations. High customer service, delivery accuracy and excellent aftermarket services are crucial factors to succeed, and therefore important quality goals.

Long-term strategies is a key factor to our success. Business environment is subject to continuous change and TMC believes the companies that succeeds over years, are those who are able to adapt and adjust. We believe in and commit to continuous improvements and change as our management philosophy, where a risk based approach will secure continuity and adjustment needed for a healthy business development.

Our goal statements in our quality policy are:
"It is better to prevent than to repair"
"Continuous focus on avoiding mistakes, but learn from those we detect"


Occupational safety and health

TMC is dedicated to foster a safe and healthy working environment and is certified according to OHSAS 18001. We believe that safe and content employees not only bring value internally, but also benefits our customers.


Code of Conduct

We expect our employees, as well as our suppliers, to conduct business and work in an ethical and lawful manner and to act with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws, including anti-trust laws.

TMC have implemented a Code of Conduct – social, environmental and ethical requirements, with the purpose to outline in greater detail the standards we expect our partners to adhere to, whether it is employees, suppliers, agents, representatives etc. TMC view these requirements as an integral part of our business relationship with the individual partner. We believe that ethical, social and environmental standards will support competitive advantages to the benefit of TMC and our partners.

TMC operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, UN conventions, ILO conventions and national labor legislation at the production side. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights must be respected.