Service Engineers available 24/7/365

TMC's service team should be one of the important factors for you when choosing to invest in a TMC compressor.

Illustration photoTMC's marine compressed air systems are designed to enable your vessel crew to conduct planned maintenance and service by themselves. Why? Because we are dedicated to lowering the lifecycle costs of your compressed air installations.

However, the need for outside service and support is sometimes paramount, particularly as compressors get bigger. That's why we have a dedicated team of service engineers on call 24/7, via telephone, e-mail or on-site. 

The team has a guaranteed response time of 3 working hours.

Our servcie engineers know the demanding conditions onboard your ship or rig. Depending on the complexity of the issue, they can either help you remotely or jump on the next plane to assist your crew on board your vessel.


Tips and Tricks

Importance of Correct working temperature

Incorrect working temperature may lead to unwanted downtime.

If the working temperature is too low compared with the ambient temperature, condensing water will accumulate with the oil. This is due to physical properties, where main factors are temperature, pressure and humidity.

In order to avoid accumulation of water in the oil, the working temperature should be 50-55 OC above the ambient temperature. All our compressors from 35Kw and up are equipped with OMV/TMV valve that automatically tunes the compressor according to ambient temperature.

Older compressors with Water Thermostat Valve it is essential that working temperature are adjusted correctly. We recommend to set the running temperature to be 90–95 OC constantly to be prepeard to meet tropical conditions as vessels cross temperature zones frequently.

Mixing of Oil

Mixing of Oil may cause oxidation in the Oil. When changing from one brand to another, it is essential that system is flushed with the new oil. This is because some oil will be trapped inside the system and not drained out completely.

Fill up with the new brand. Run the system until normal running temperature are achieved (20-30 minutes). Then drain the oil and fill up again. At the same time, change the Oil filter.

Replacing belts

When replacing belts, it is essential that the whole set is replaced at the same time. This is because belts will expand after the first running hours. When replacing whole set at same time, belts will stretch equally.