TMC to equip longliner vessels

25 April 2018 – Oslo-based TMC Compressors of the Seas (TMC) has signed a deal to deliver marine compressed air systems to two longliner fishing vessels that Tersan Shipyard is building for Ervik Havfiske Group. 

Illustrasjon: MarinteknikkAs/GunnarF AS
Illustrasjon: MarinteknikkAs/GunnarF AS

Ervik Havfiske Group is Norway’s biggest longline company.

As part of the delivery, TMC will provide a service air compressor, two refrigerant air dryers and one adsorption air dryer for each of the two fishing vessel. The equipment will be delivered to Tersan Shipyard in Turkey.
TMC’s contract values are undisclosed.

TMC is the world’s leading supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use, but this is one of the company’s first contracts for commercial fishing vessels.

“It has been impressive to see how Turkish and Norwegian shipyards in recent years have successfully shifted their focus from offshore vessels to fishing vessels.. Our marine compressed air systems are favoured in the marine and offshore industries because they have been developed specifically for marine applications. They are not standard industrial compressors that have been marinised. We hope to see the same development in a quality conscious commercial fishing industry that continues to set high demands for its suppliers,” says Hans Petter Tanum, TMC’s director of sales and business development.

Ervik Havfiske Group’s two longliner vessels will be 50 metres long and 12.5 metres wide. The intention is that both vessels will fish in Norwegian waters, but they are also designed and qualified to fish in Arctic waters. The first vessel is scheduled for delivery in December 2019 and the second in February 2020.

TMC is the world’s leading supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use. The company is a thoroughbred supplier of marine compressors. It is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with sales and service offices all over the world.