Smart air

TMC Smart Air compressors® (variable frequency driven) seamlessly produce compressed air to match the actual air demand at any time. It will automatically adjust the air production, without any idling. In fact TMC Smart Air is an intelligent compressor, preventing unnecessary energy consumption and reduces wear and tear of the compressors.

Calculate savings with smart air

*Savings are based on a power price of $0.3/kWh
**Calculations are an approximation.
You can save
0 kwh
In 1 year with Smart Air
Money saved
0 Dollars in a year
Pollution saved
0 Kg of Co2 in a year
1 year
How long it takes to make profit on choosing a Smart Air compressor over a regular one.
3 years
How long it takes to make profit on a Smart Air compressor if you already had a regular one on board.



Tamrotor Marine Compressors (TMC), supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use, have received orders for a total of 40 TMC SA 30 compressors for the 20 18,000 TEU ships ordered by Maersk Line

TMC will provide the Smart Air compressors to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, which is responsible for building the two new 21,000 cbm ethylene carriers to Norwegian LPG and petrochemical shipping company Solvang ASA (Solvang).

Virgin Voyages, the new cruise ship business from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, has made a commitment to make its fleet one of the cleanest and most efficient at sea.